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When you are searching for a property, a short sale – a home that is in foreclosure but the homeowner and lender are extremely motivated to sell – can provide a unique opportunity for a buyer.

In a Short sale, the homeowner and lender will either be willing to accept a lower amount than what’s owed on the mortgage amount.

Short sale houses are typically listed prior to a sheriff auction and sold for less than the balance owed on the seller’s mortgage, so the money a buyer saves on their purchase can be significant.

However, a short transaction can be complex. The deal can take far longer than a conventional sale, and buyers will have to negotiate agreement on their sale price with both the seller and the lender.

The Beckett Team has the knowledge and expertise to handle every aspect of your short sale, from house hunting to closing, and guide you expertly through the many details involved.

Our close working relationships with area banks will work in your favor during sale negotiations. The result: a smooth short sale buying experience – and a well-priced property you can call home.

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The Beckett Realty Group has over 35 years of experience in buying and selling Central Ohio properties. We are a dynamic team of real estate agents, including three siblings, who use our expertise and close relationships to make your sales and purchasing experiences run smoothly.


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